Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pat Say Jack

Named after America's second favorite game show host.

Not To Be confused with Pat Playjacks

1. "Take Shelter" by Active Child
2. "Old Man" by Harrys Gym
3. "Amnesiacs" by Francis International Airport
4. "Winter Drinks and Kaleidoscopic Powers" by Invisible Hand
5. "We Ah Wi" by Javelin
6. "Yoyo" by Fujiya & Miyagi 
7. "Pull, Push, Let Go" by Inspired Flight 
8. "Midi Drift" by Games
9. "Single Man" by Ghost Animal 
10. "Devon" by Grimes
11. "Bathurst" by Foxes in Fiction
12. "Losing It" by Happy Trendy
13. "Lucid" by Heavy Ghost
14. "o" by iamamiwhoami
15. "Rollercoaster" by Jet Sound
16. "Tattooed Tears" by Ice Cream Shout


Note if you are an artist that would like your music removed please let me know by emailing me and I will remove it immediately

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