Sunday, May 8, 2011

Blue planet and beyond.....

 Blue planet and beyond...
a mixtape by DickBird 

 Songs all featured on other albums from JustWillLove
mixed by DickBird

Lady in A White Dress by Coreys (00:00)
Lucid by Heavy Ghosts (04:20)
Rollercoaster  by Jet Sound (08:13)
8050 (Superhumanoids Remix) by White Arrows (11:30)
Mind Has Changed by SPORTS (14:29)
Every Minute Alone by WhoMadeWho (19:11)
Will Do by T.V. On the Radio (22:51)
Tattooed Tears by Ice Cream Shout (26:26)
The Chills (featuring Raw Moans) Police Academy 6 (30:30)
Hopeful by radioseven (33:43)


  1. This is a great mix

  2. People put some boner pants on everytime you check this page! Great mixes!