Monday, May 2, 2011

Rhetorical Roof

Rhetorical Roof 


1.Slow Dance (Bonus Track) by Strfckr  
2. True Blue (Madonna cover) by Winter Gloves 
3. 8050 (Superhumanoids Remix) by White Arrows 
4. Wonder of We feat. Steffaloo by Billy Comfort 
5. Drive Me Home by Plastic Flowers  
6. Touchng Tongues by Warm Body  
7. Drowning Music by Cow Parade Cow 
8. Mind Has Changed by SPORTS 
9. Galilean Moons by Teeel
10. Beast Coast by Saskatchewan 
11. Starlight by Walter Meego  
12. Foxxx by Ricky Eat Acid 
13. The Chills (featuring Raw Moans) by Police Academy 6
14. Radio Generation by Pat Jordache 
15. Face Paint/ Breathing Circle by Tree Hopping 
16. Best Bad Side by Data Dog
17. Noises in the Night by BOAT


*if you are an artist and would like your music removed email me and I will take it down immediately 

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