Monday, May 2, 2011

Obsequious Believe

Obsequious Believe

++Track List++
1. Hippy by Ghost Wave 
2. Indian Hills by Mood Rings 
3. Key Sparrow by Peaking Lights
4. Black Hills by Gardens & Villa  
5. To Like You by That Ghost 
6. Lost In The Fire by The Meanest Boys  
7. Jimi Bleachball by Foxes in Fiction 
8. Pocahontas (Neil Young cover) by Brown Bread 
9. Hand Me Downs (Wild Nothing Remix) by The Morning Benders
10. Bull In The Wild by Eastern Conference Champions 
11. Sacer by Gang Gang Dance 
12. Earth Angel (The Penguins Cover) by Galapagos 
13. Fluorescent Nights by Echo Shade
14. College Kidz by HOUNDSds
15. In Every Direction (Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Remix) by Junip 
16. The Plot by WhoMadeWho
17. Cuba Gooding Jr. by Long Long Long  
18. Darius Rucker Is DEAD by Mean Wind

*if you are an artist and would like your music removed email me and I will take it down immediately  

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