Monday, May 16, 2011

Mindless Wilderness


1. Burial Grounds by ΔIR LINΞS 
2. Compliments (Bloc Party cover) by Germany Germany 
3. People Can Do The Most Amazing Things by Kisses 
4. Heart by Blood Diamonds 
5. Avec Mes Mecs by Humans 
6. Metropol by Christoph Andersson 
7. Miami by Teddiedrum
8. Coma by Papertwin 
9. In The Water by Beat Connection
10. Jeff Goldblum by Brown Bear Black Bear 
11. Blood Red Youth by California Wives 
12. Walkin' on the Beast by Camden 
13. Breakdown by Degrees
14. Living In America by DOM 
15. Easy by Fiveng 
16. Soft Focus by Gross Ghost 
*if you are the artist and would like your music removed please email me and I will take it down immediately 

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